Kind, sober, and fully dressed.

A few robot shows off the top of my head. my life as a teenage robot (About a teenage girl robot personal fav), astro boy (japanese manga/anime), robotboy (the robot is super cute) Robot Jones (robert in middle school. I know a ton more…
this has already been resolved (almost human) but i wanted to remember these b/c a few sound interesting.  so ty!

i gave myself a foot spa =^.^=

i like kids in general but they make me really nervous, like ugh i was a kid and they can be horrible and judgmental.  so if i’m afraid of adults judging me i’m actually much more afraid of kids doing the same.  so like, that’s something.  talking to one of them is something.

today i asked a preteen where she got her shoes, and after the elation at actually successfully speaking to a human being wore off i started to think maybe this is an inappropriate thing??  but her shoes were literally just like grey canvas sneakers.  i wasn’t asking a child for child shoes for myself.  but also i didn’t smile, which, yeah.  i was proud of myself for being forward and respectful and polite and sociable all at once but like this wasn’t a business transaction or w/e like i didn’t have to be that formal.  i’m ok i’m giving myself notes.

i’m going to watch season 1 episode 1 later.  tonight.

my dad is watching the orphan black premier right. now.

no omg i’m laughing, this is fair

i k r

so you called the guy for whom i am MOST hetero weird looking. o.k.
i’ve been like… kind of judging you but not really, mostly just judging his face, since before we even followed e/o when i found your blog through tess’.  like. i thought you were cool, i also thought he was ugly and now it’s out there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
EDIT:  this is like an awful thing to admit to, i’m so sorry. 

got ur ask. is the robot show almost human? help me out
LMAO YES.  i just gave up.

i can’t remember the name of a tv show so i searched like “robot show” which only gave me robot con results which i guess is a thing but also i shouldn’t be that surprised so i searched “robot show tv” and i still can’t find it.  i’m upset and need help with like, everything rn.