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Tattoo Of Buddha Gets British Tourist Thrown Out Of Sri Lanka





citrusbergamia replied to your post: weetzie bat making hetero relatable

oh god remember her weird husband she was like obsessed w/who cheated on her w/a witch but like it was ok b/c he was ~under her spell

yes!!! but secret agent lover man isn’t weird, he’s a dreamboat, wash yr mouth out with soap, and out of the blessed union of secret agent lover man/the witch came witch baby who was such a treasure!

No, you dont understand. This is a fucking revelation.

I read these books when I was a kid—maybe eight or nine?—and I remember this magical trippy dreamhaze world…and i convinced myself it was a dream.

I had no idea these were real books until I was at university and someone called this girl a “lanka” and I nearly choked on a fry.

Like, I remember it being the first book that had openly gay relationships portrayed as just the same as any other.
"A Duck for Dirk and a Secret Agent Lover Man for Weetzie", and just the same.
Damn, this is the trippiest shit. I loved those books.

What I don’t understand is why you INSIST on interacting with spitefulbitch after she told you to leave her alone.  Leave me alone, leave both of us alone, please do not comment on our conversations.

this is literally the first time i am hearing abt firebolting


wow i can’t believe this tiny earth is going to be happening all day. i feel like i’ve already been seeing it for so long

Like I’m sure it’s a good doc but I wouldn’t watch a movie about bears for the plot y’know
oh that makes sense.  sorry, i wasn’t actually mad at you or at all, i really was just confused as to what standards ppl use to judge movies abt animals.  but it looked like i was mad : /
EDIT: also “good” is probably being very kind b/c it’s disney…  idk, disney animal docs can be obnoxious imo

"i tend to have a weird sense of boundaries on tumblr (and irl lol)"  dude

who the fuck is like considering the cuteness of a goddamn kiwi fruit like you do know you can eat it, right?

"Curly bangs are great for the same reason that hairless cats, kiwi fruits, and jellyfish are great, which is that they’re so ugly, they’re cute."  bitch…

i guess i don’t understand how people judge animal movies at all b/c like, they’re animals?  you could set up a solitary camera in the woods to just randomly get footage of deer and shit and it would be fantastic.